Indonesia Sumatra Dark Whole Beans

Roast Flavor Level (1-5): 5

5 LB Resealable Bag w/ Valve. The islands of Indonesia are famous for their lush rainforests and delectable coffee. The main types of coffee beans grown in Indonesia are Sulawesi (Celebes), Java and Sumatra. Like the Mandheling variety of Sumatra coffee beans, Lintong coffee beans are grown inland from southern coast of Sumatra. Sumatra Lintong coffee beans have been naturally dried in the sun directly after harvest. They have earthy undertones and make full-bodied coffee to savor as a thick treat. The dark, Italian Roast of these Sumatra Lintong coffee beans brings out the full flavor hidden within the freshly harvested green beans. They have a light acidity and tones of caramel and chocolate.